Monday, December 10, 2012

I Say Goodbye, But Also Hello!

Last week, I said goodbye to my hometown.  There were tears shed, but much support given to me on my new, exciting adventure.  There are so many things I'll miss about Memphis - my friends the obvious #1 on that list.  A few other gems include:  Stax Museum (one of the greatest places on earth), eclectic Midtown with it's wacky cool art, neighborhood cafes, bars, nightlife and diversity.
Midtown "Disco Wheel"
One of my last lunches included a sandwich and pasta salad from Fino's from the Hill.  I'll miss being able to walk around the corner for some delicious Italian fare from this deli!

When I left, my department gave me the Eiffel Tower as a going away gift.  They even set the clock to St. Petersburg's time.  Very thoughtful and touching.  Although, it confuses those who don't know how much I love Paris and the Tower.  "You're moving to Florida, right?"  "Not Paris?"  Yes, folks...not Paris...yet.  My friends just know me well!

As soon as the first of my belongings arrived, I promptly brought the Eiffel Tower to work, where it now resides on the corner of my desk.  Now, I have a constant reminder of the amazing co-workers I had the pleasure to work with in Memphis!

My first day of work in the new city, state & office:  What a wonderfully warm welcome!

Everyone has been extremely's definitely a positive atmosphere.