Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Something to Think About

Today, as I was sifting through, I stumbled upon an article: "20 Questions That Could Change Your Life"

It's an article that's from Oprah, to me, is like grocery shopping. It's annoying, I loathe doing it, but often feel better afterward. That's just my opinion. No doubt, Oprah has accomplished great things and is an inspiration to many people.

Anyway, back to the questions. A few really made me think. So much so, that I wrote them down and plan on asking myself these questions on a regular basis:

3. Why worry?

These two words, considered sincerely, can radically reconfigure the landscape of your mind. Worry rarely leads to positive action; it's just painful, useless fear about hypothetical events, which scuttles happiness rather than ensuring it. Some psychologists say that by focusing on gratitude, we can shut down the part of the brain that worries. It actually works!

Since I am a professional "worrier," this question resonated with me. It's true that worrying about hypothetical negative events, is less likely to bring about positive events. It's pointless, so why do it? Focusing on the here and now, as well as, the positive things, is definitely much more healthy. I love to think that I can shut down that part of my brain that is incessantly worrying and planning for the worst.

5. How do I want the world to be different because I lived in it?

Your existence is already a factor in world history -- now, what sort of factor do you want it to be? Maybe you know you're here to create worldwide prosperity, a beautiful family, or one really excellent bagel. If your impressions are more vague, keep asking this question. Eventually you'll glimpse clearer outlines of your destiny. Live by design, not by accident.

I really love this question. Doesn't everyone want to leave their unique mark on the world? Or is that just me? How can I make a difference?

6. How do I want to be different because I lived in this world?

In small ways or large, your life will change the world -- and in small ways or large, the world will change you. What experiences do you want to have during your brief sojourn here? Make a list. Make a vision board. Make a promise. This won't control your future, but it will shape it.

Some people think that we choose our lives before we're born. It's because our soul or energetic bodies still have things to learn, so we elect a life that helps us work through our weaknesses. I really like this theory...that there is a point to our existance, apart from some divine being creating us because he/she was bored.

What important questions do you ask yourself? That is, beyond, what's for dinner?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Girl Talk - Recap

Last Monday, I went to see "Girl Talk" at Minglewood Hall. I'd heard of "Girl Talk," but, I'm embarrassed to say that I was thinking of another band/sound. Anyway, at the very last minute, a friend of mine was able to find an extra ticket for the sold out show. Even with the mistaken identity, I'm so glad that I made it to see "Girl Talk." What. A. Show.

Introducing: Girl Talk!

Can you see him in his red hoodie & sweat pants? Immediately, I thought, "anyone who comes on stage looking as though they just put the game controls down, and decided to get off the couch for a bit, is either going to be awesome, or awful." Well, he was AWESOME, indeed.

The show was complete with confetti being unleashed onto the crowd, over sized balloons filled with confetti and some of the audience being invited to dance on stage around Girl Talk.

Everyone was dancing and having a blast. There was not a dry body in the house. We all looked like drowned rats as we left. Note to the girls - don't wear much makeup to a "Girl Talk" show, unless you want it to run down your face. You. Will. Sweat...A lot. For those of you who are interested, here's a link to download the album free, compliments of an old friend!

So, how did you spend your Monday night? Bet mine was better! :-)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Being Safe

Well, as safe as possible. I finally purchased a Road I.D. bracelet and it arrived in the mail this week. I think it's a great tool. It contains important information, such as, name, emergency contact information, and any allergies or conditions you may have.

Hopefully, I will never be in a situation where my Road I.D. bracelet will be used, but it's nice to know it's there...just in case. To quote every cyclist I know, "it's not if you wreck, it's when you wreck." I just hope that when my inevitable "when" comes, no one will get hurt - especially me!

Click here to get your own Road I.D.!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Trail Run

This weekend, my friends and I went back to Shelby Forest and ran (well, more like jogged then walked the super steep bluffs). It was such fun that we're thinking of making it a recurring Saturday morning ritual. At least until the cycling season really starts going again. :-) Translation = 'til about April.

Although, the snow still lingered, it was a gorgeous day for a run. After a few minutes, we weren't cold in the least.

In related running news, I received my trophy and the other goody for completing the entire Memphis Runners Track Club Road Race Series, thus, becoming a "Road Warrior." I'm extremely proud of myself for setting a goal in early 2010 and following through with said goal. Nothing can take that away. Also, it's nice to have organizations that promote and foster physical activity. I like to support those organizations. However, the trophy was "janky" to say the least. It was scratched in several places and the platform was even chipped not on one, but two corners. Come on MRTC. Can't you do better than that?

This year, I may volunteer instead of run. I can't quite decide, but luckily, there's plenty of time.

Monday, January 10, 2011

First Real Snow!

Last night, the winter storm that everyone was talking about, finally made its way to Memphis. Since, I don't get "snow days," I'm not too fond of the snow anymore. I wanna play, but instead, I have to work (not that I'm complaining - it's good to have a job)...however, I couldn't resist taking pictures of the snow fall.

A few from my balcony. Big flakes are falling!

And, another balcony view this morning!

If any of you are able to take a "snow day," make some snow angels, snowmen and have snowball fights for me. Those of you who, like me, have to get out and about in the stuff, be careful! Oh, and don't bother going to the grocery store. I've heard the shelves have been cleaned out!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

What Has Four Legs & An Arm?

A pit bull.

That joke is compliments of Kinky Friedman, one of my favorite authors. I just finished his book, "Elvis, Jesus & Coca Cola." It met two of my most important requirements: funny and entertaining.

As well as solving a complicated murder mystery, he made keen observations about his cat. His cat sounded like an a-hole. It reminded me a lot of my cat. One of his observations was that you can tell how cold it is outside by how tightly a cat rolls up when they're lounging. If most of their belly is exposed, it's not cold at all. If they're rolled up tight into a ball, don't even bother going outside. It'll be like the North Pole.

There are winter storm warnings where I live. And this is going on in my house:

I wonder what Kinky Friedman would say about this as it pertains to the weather...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Week In Review

My favorite married couple, their adorable daughter and I went to Zoo Lights before the season ended. Their daughter wasn't much interested in the lights as much as she was with seeing animals. We kept telling her that it was the animals bed time and so, they were all asleep. She dealt with the disappointment pretty well, I have to say. No major tantrums. Here are a few of the light displays at the zoo.

Then, I headed home to officially kick off the weekend with these:

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Peppermint Cosmos. They. Were. Delicious. It was like drinking a candy cane. If you want to give them a go, here's how to whip up your own:

1c. pomegranate juice
1/4 tsp peppermint extract
juice from one lime
1/4c. vodka

Shake with ice, strain into a martini glass & garnish with a spring of mint and/or a mini candy cane.

Then, an early morning bike ride. We're bad to the bone, I know.

This weekend started off with a bike ride, as well. However, it was frigid. The wind coming from the north east, cut through my clothing like ice cold knives. Fifteen miles was all that we could manage before admitting defeat and heading home. The weather was perfect for a hike, though. So we gave that a go. We drove about 30 minutes away to Meeman Shelby Forest. I've run many road races in Shelby Forest - the MRTC 10 miler (more times that any rational human should-it's 10 miles of hills) and the Hill & Dale race (once...only once and that was enough. It was something like 17 degrees the year I thanks). But I digress. I've not been on the trails since girl scouts in the late '80's. It's been a long time, is what I'm saying. Anyway, I was very impressed with how well the trails have been maintained. I see some trail running at Shelby Forest in my future. I will be walking up the steep bluffs though. Just saying.

This wasn't the most beautiful scene that we saw along the trail, but we had to stop and look at the bamboo stalks that really didn't look like bamboo, up close. It was pretty pliable, like green onions. Wonder what it was.

Then, we stumbled upon this...

I guess the Keebler Elves aren't as small as they're portrayed on T.V. This one wasn't a very good Elf. He had no cookies for us.

Post hike, while I waited for my soup and hot chocolate, I had these, pesto-tomato thingies. I saw them on cupcakes & cashmere's site. Say what you will about her style choices. She does have a bold style flava, but the girl knows good recipes!