Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kristina Savachik's Page

Ever wonder what you can do to make a difference in the world? Well, wonder no more. Here's your chance to do your part. While you're snuggled under the covers or sipping a fresh, warm, cup of Joe, this Saturday morning, a friend of mine is running the St. Jude 1/2 marathon. You can help by supporting her in her efforts! Here's a link to her page:

Kristina Savachik's Page

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Blog Sharing

I saw this on Bike Snob NYC's blog and couldn't help but share:

(Mark Cavendish is a merciless winning machine--except when he's sobbing uncontrollably.)

1) According to Mark "The Man Missile" Cavendish, victory is:

--"About beating other people"
--"About getting beaten by other people"
--"A dish best served cold"
--"A more pretentious form of winning"

For more, go here.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Love for David Byrne

People who know me, know how much I adore David Byrne. Seriously, if I were more ambitious and didn't have such bad A.D.D., I might be a psycho-fan. Lucky for him, I'm too lazy and not nearly focused enough.

When reading his journal, I saw this gem...now I kinda wanna get married, for the sole purpose of having David Byrne perform the ceremony! The only problem with that is the whole, me + marriage, thing.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Don't Think I'll Be Able to Sleep Tonight

On Halloween, I discovered Celebrity Ghost Stories on the Biography Channel. At first, I thought it was going to be laughable. It turns out, some of the stories are really scary. Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson get the crap scared out of them??!! This is good stuff! Now, I'm completely addicted to this show. Some of the stories have really happy endings. Um...didn't mean it that way. You'll just have to watch it to see what I mean. I tried to post a youtube video, but the video address was disabled. Click on the link to access youtube and watch some of the episodes.

Celebrity Ghost Stories can be scary; however, nothing terrified me more that the sight of this on my shop it to me alert. These were originally priced over $150.00!! I swear, I still think this was a joke by the designer to see just WHAT people will buy. Pleated, roll up, mom jean shorts, aka, jorts.

On that same note, a friend of mine was telling me about how in love she was with her jeggings. Do you know about these? Are they fabulous? I might have to try them. Although, I've been a bit leery of them, for fear that they will spark the resurrection of the 1980's hair band, tight, frosted jeans. Remember those? They were awful, even then.

Monday, November 22, 2010

New Face On An Old Broad

This weekend, Broad Street in midtown, had a block party. Since, the entrance to Sam Cooper Blvd, no longer includes Broad Street, a lot of the shops have had to relocate, leaving the strip with a lot of empty shops. It's my understanding that local artists were told, if they wanted to participate in the block party, they were pretty much at liberty to decorate the spaces however they liked. Each shop was so inviting and creatively decorated. Even the pedestrian crosswalks were painted funky. I hate that I didn't take more pictures! It was so lively and creative. Also, Ghost River Brewery was there...need I say more?

The street, itself, had about three or four blocks of bicycle lanes. There were signs posted to park to the left of the lanes. :-) It seems counter productive to have bicycle lanes, if vehicles use them as on street parking.

Along a fence was a mural, in which anyone and everyone who attended the block party, could add whatever they wanted.

This kid was a lot of fun to watch skate. So much talent wrapped up in such a small package!

After drinking beer, checking out all of the vendors, we had worked up quite an appetite. We stopped into the new diner on Broad, "3 Angels". It was small, but unique. The bright blue paint on the walls definitely made the place cheery. Also, they had pretty delicious Bloody Mary's, so I've been told. However, I didn't try any this time...I had my fill of local brew. The tables had various old advertisements (circa 1950's) that provided entertainment while we waited for food. There was one ad, on our table, for a fridge that had a juice dispenser...it held something like, 24 juice cans! The food was pretty good, too. It took a while, but they were quite busy, given the block party going's on.

I had the "adult grilled cheese sandwich" with smoked Gouda, goat cheese, green onions and veggie bacon. The sandwich came with a side of homemade potato chips and a deviled egg. Yum-o-la! I'd trade my pickle spear for a deviled egg any day of the week. Doesn't it look de-lish??! Well, it was. Trust me!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Brown Baggin' It

One of the perks of working downtown, is that sometimes there are free concerts and entertainment during lunch hours and/or after hours. In the summer, Court Square has concerts and the Center City Commission, Urban Art and Live from Memphis (I think) sponsor Alley Jams.

Today was the last of Center for Southern Folklore's Free Lunch Performances. Josh Shoe was the musician who played. He has a bluesy, country style. He was very gracious, as well. He acknowledged everyone who walked in and thanked them for coming to see him play. Quite nice, in my book!

Since, I was on my lunch break, I couldn't stay too long, but stayed long enough to listen to about 5 or 6 songs. He started off with a few old country covers. Garth Brooks and Randy Travis. It was ok, but not quite my thing. His voice was a bit whiney, which I don't care for. Then he played some of his own tunes. His voice changed; it was no longer "whiney"...it was the strangest thing. He was definitely more invested in his own music and gave himself the liberty to "let go." I even turned to my friend and said, "he should stay away from covers and only play his own music!"

It was definitely worth watching. And, it was a good way to support the local flavor, which I LOVE to do at every opportunity. If you get a chance, check him out & lemme know what you think!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cool Happenings Beginning Tomorrow!

November 19th and 20th, A New Face For An Old Broad is going on in the Arts District of Broad Street.

There will be music, food and other vendors. A bicycle parade will be at 11am on Saturday! The way the flyer reads, if you have a bike, you can join in the parade!! Here's the line up of events and vendors:

Great River Crossing Stage – sponsored by Aerobic Cruisers, Greater Memphis Greenline and Shelby Farms Greenline

Friday, Nov. 19
5:30 – 7:00 pm Ryan Peel
7:30 – 9:30 pm Hudson and Saleeby

Saturday, Nov. 20
Noon – 1:30 pm Gypsy Hombres
1:30 – 2:00 pm Project Motion Dance
2 – 2:45 pm Space Devoted
3 – 3:45 pm Sexton Trio
4 – 4:45 pm Bryan Hartley
5 – 5:45 pm Tom Lonardo Jazz
6 – 6:45 pm Wampa
7 – 7:45 pm Nick Black
8 - 9:30 pm Marcela Pinilla

Retail shopping opportunities rejuvenate the empty buildings along Broad Avenue.

Broad Avenue Art Galleries and Studios
Artist Markets - jewelry, paintings, photography and more
Brooks Museum and Pink Palace Museum Gift Boutiques
Dinah Makowsky Milinery
Antique Store
Brave - Jewlery, Design and more
Strange Fruit Vintage Store
Interior Design Accessory Store
Kate and Elise, refashioners

Aerobic Cruiser
The Peddler - rent a bike and tour the new lanes!
Outdoors, Inc.
Meet the Authors - book signing
Hollywood Feed
Exercise Center
Martial Arts Classes
Massage Therapy
Hooper Troopers
Collage Dance School

Three Angels Diner
Broadway Pizza (check out breakfast on Saturday!)
The Cove
Republic Coffee
DeJa Vu
The Crepe Maker
Cafe Eclectic Hot Dog Cart
Muddy's Bake Shop
Ghost River Beer Tent

If you're interested in volunteering, contact Alicia at: info@livablememphis.org

Monday, November 15, 2010

More Deals and Random Thoughts

Ann Taylor and Loft are having a friends and family sale, from Tuesday, November 6th, through Sunday, November 21st. Just enter the code "FRIENDS" at checkout for 30% off your entire purchase and receive free shipping for orders of $100.00 or more!

Outdoor's Inc., cyclocross event, held downtown, was a really good time. There were some pretty amazing riders who participated. If you missed it, you can still check out some of the pictures. Click on the particular races (A, B, or C) to see all of the action!

Favorite quote from the weekend, "I've lived a lot of places...an Amish Family took me in and I crashed on their couch for a little while. They are a stinky people." ~Britton

Have a great week!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Give and Get is Here!

I received this earlier today. Since, the holiday season is approaching like a freight train, I thought I'd share! Happy shopping to all!

Give and Get is Here!: "Enjoy 30% off from November 11-14 at Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy plus we'll make a 5% donation to a non-profit."