Monday, November 22, 2010

New Face On An Old Broad

This weekend, Broad Street in midtown, had a block party. Since, the entrance to Sam Cooper Blvd, no longer includes Broad Street, a lot of the shops have had to relocate, leaving the strip with a lot of empty shops. It's my understanding that local artists were told, if they wanted to participate in the block party, they were pretty much at liberty to decorate the spaces however they liked. Each shop was so inviting and creatively decorated. Even the pedestrian crosswalks were painted funky. I hate that I didn't take more pictures! It was so lively and creative. Also, Ghost River Brewery was there...need I say more?

The street, itself, had about three or four blocks of bicycle lanes. There were signs posted to park to the left of the lanes. :-) It seems counter productive to have bicycle lanes, if vehicles use them as on street parking.

Along a fence was a mural, in which anyone and everyone who attended the block party, could add whatever they wanted.

This kid was a lot of fun to watch skate. So much talent wrapped up in such a small package!

After drinking beer, checking out all of the vendors, we had worked up quite an appetite. We stopped into the new diner on Broad, "3 Angels". It was small, but unique. The bright blue paint on the walls definitely made the place cheery. Also, they had pretty delicious Bloody Mary's, so I've been told. However, I didn't try any this time...I had my fill of local brew. The tables had various old advertisements (circa 1950's) that provided entertainment while we waited for food. There was one ad, on our table, for a fridge that had a juice held something like, 24 juice cans! The food was pretty good, too. It took a while, but they were quite busy, given the block party going's on.

I had the "adult grilled cheese sandwich" with smoked Gouda, goat cheese, green onions and veggie bacon. The sandwich came with a side of homemade potato chips and a deviled egg. Yum-o-la! I'd trade my pickle spear for a deviled egg any day of the week. Doesn't it look de-lish??! Well, it was. Trust me!

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