Friday, November 7, 2014

Post Paris Year In Review

I'm simply delinquent in posting these days.  The rest of my Paris trip was as incredible as the first few days.  Here's a quick recap of happened after Paris, to catch you up. :-)  
In October, I went back home to ride the annual Memphis Hightailer's Bluff City Blues ride.  I haven't missed the ride since I started cycling.  Since, I live in the land of flat roads and wind, I was unsure how my legs would respond to the hills.  I wasn't as fast as the prior year, but that was ok.  It was quite possibly the most enjoyable BCB, thus far.  Miles and miles of socializin with the best friends a girl could have!!

Then, one of my best friends from those crazy college days came to my 'hood.  She kind of kicked off the rash of winter visitors.  Not that I'm complaining  :-)  Such fun catching up with her and her hubby. 

I went to Key West and visited Hemmingway's home:

Drank too much rum:

Saw a sign that seemed to state the obvious:

And watched sailboats go by:

I had more rum and went to a painting "class."  This is what I was supposed to paint:

Since, I don't like to do what I'm told, this is what I decided to paint.