Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Here's What 80 Miles Looks Like

This past weekend, a 100 mile training group (of which, I'm a member), had a 75 mile bike ride. Due to a scenic detour, a few of my friends and I made it an 80-81 mile ride. We just aren't satisfied with the minimum, you see.

The weather was nice. Mid/upper 80s for most of the ride, with some cloud cover.

Here, everyone is chillin' at the last SAG stop.

One of my favorite cycling couples. They're still all smiles after 60-something miles!

Best. SAG Ever. They provided ice cold towels! Please refrain from jokes involving towels...thank you.

At one of the stops, this doozy caught my eye. Not the motorcycle - yawn...the helmet. Your eyes are not deceiving you. That is a sweet mohawk you see.

Here's my reaction when the guy wouldn't trade his mohawk helmet for mine. I mean, it goes with my bike and everything!

I know what you're thinking...and I agree. With a face like that, it is amazing that I'm still single.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Benefit Ride and Show for Local Cyclist Killed in a Hit & Run

As some of you are aware, a tragedy occurred in the early hours of Friday morning. Memphian, Chris Davidson was hit by a car, while riding his bike home. The car fled the scene and miraculously, Chris was able to ride his bike to his girlfriend's house a few blocks away, where he died - not long afterward.

Below, is the story from WREG (borrowed from Fix Memphis' site)


The HiTone is holding a benefit for Chris' family tomorrow, Wednesday, August 17th. There is a benefit ride, which will leave from the Peddler Bike Shop on Highland Ave., at 6:30pm, Wednesday and will arrive at the HiTone at 7pm for the benefit show.

Please come and show your support.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cycle Memphis

This weekend was filled with bicycle rides. Two friends of mine and I woke up before the birds to drive to Rossville, TN and ride the Wolf River Cafe ride. It was hot and muggy (I heard that a few people had to abort the ride, due to becoming overheated), but the miles rolled by as I saw friends along the route. We even managed to meet a few new friends. Honestly, the ride didn't start out so great for me. From the beginning, I felt as though I was struggling to keep up with my friends. It's not a fun thing, playing catch-up. After a while, I just resigned myself to ride my own pace and enjoy the scenery - and not think about my friends having to wait on me to finish...since I drove. It was then, that I started to really enjoy myself. Also, I ended up finishing the 57 mile ride with my friends, after all!

The highlight of my day was Cycle Memphis' second ever ride. I missed the last ride due to being completely toast after a triathlon. Anyway, cyclists came out of the woodwork for an 8pm meet up and casual, 15ish mile ride. People showed up on their polo bikes, cruiser bikes, old school road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid name it, they were there. One of the hosts had a trailer hooked onto his bike with a huge speaker attached to his radio. So, about 80 of us were bopping down the street listening to some sweet tunes.

After the ride, people hung around and danced to the music, still playing. My favorites are they guy in the "wife beater" MFM volunteer shirt and the guy in the background who (I swear) looks like Tommy Chong. I think his actual name is Scott, but to me, he's Tommy Chong, or the Chonger...basically, whatever I fell like. :-) Can yo see him? I wish I had a better picture, with a close up of the Chonger. It's what I get for always using the camera on my phone.

If you're interested, Cycle Memphis meets the first Saturday of each month, at 8pm, around the gazebo at the corner of Cooper & Young.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Color Me Drooling

Ok, who wants to buy this gorgeous leather pannier for me?

My birthday's in T-8 days. I think I'm worth it...I actually wouldn't mind the red Dannebrog cruiser, either. I would look so smashing riding to the Farmer's Market, to work, or a fabulous brunch on that bike. "Big Bertha" (I sported her, here) would be sad, but, well...whatever.