Monday, March 28, 2011

Good Weekend, Can I Have a "Re-do," Please?

Although, my Saturday morning bike ride (and opportunity to try a new current one and I are not friends after about 40 miles) was rained out, the weekend was still one of the best.

Sunday, I had the opportunity to ride a saddle horse. I don't have much experience with saddle horses, but grew up riding gaited horses, so I felt okay about riding. Horseback riding is much like any other athletic sport. One is most effective when in shape for the sport and practicing regularly. Well, I'm neither. Sadly, I haven't ridden in years, which is what I was most concerned about. It was certainly evident that I was out of riding shape. My posture was awful and my skills weren't as sharp as they've been in the past. However, the ride went better than I expected. I can't express how amazing it felt to ride. All my horseback riding friends know what I mean, I'm sure!

After the ride, I was able to watch the Grizzlies/Spurs...courtside! I think everyone should have the opportunity to see an NBA game courtside. It's a completely different exprience than seeing it in the stands or even in the first set of risers.

Here's a view of Shane Battier being guarded by (whatshisname) Jefferson, from my seat.

What an exciting game. Grizz win!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

NYC...Part Deux

Friday, we took advantage of MoMA's free admission day (I think it's between 4pm & 8pm). We arrived at the museum shortly after 4pm and had no problem getting a free ticket. Afterward, we talked with some New Yorkers about how much we enjoyed the museum and thought the free day was wonderful. They were shocked that we were able to gain admission. They said that they only let the first 300 people into the museum and, normally, the line is around the block! We must have timed it perfectly!

Saturday, we spent the day on Canal Street, had a lunch of noodles in China Town, then espresso in Little Italy. Later, we walked through SoHo and made our way to one of my absolute favorite boroughs, Greenwich. This trip, it dawned on me why I like that area so reminds me of Europe the most. For a minute, I felt like I had been transported back to Amsterdam.

Our last day in NY, we let ourselves get (sorta) lost in Central Park before going to the Met (museum...not opera). There were scattered showers, but we didn't care! Central Park was awesome.

We look related, don't we?

I was so excited to stumble upon strawberry know, the place where nothing is real. Just around the corner was the famous "Imagine" mosaic.

I really wish I had gotten a photo sans someone standing on the tiles. As you can imagine (Ba-dump-dump. Yes, pun intended), it was kinda crowded with people trying to get their photo on the tiles. C'est la vie.

The Met! Here's a view at closing time from the top of the stairwell. We took so long at Central Park, that we really only had time to speed through one gallery before closing. No worries, as you can see from above, I LOVED being silly in Central Park.

Friday, March 11, 2011

What's Up, Big A?

Recently, I was invited to go to NYC with a couple of friends. When they asked, I was like, "*&^) YES!" Now, the day we arrived, it was 28 degrees. If you know me and my complete aversion to cold weather, this would be a true testament to how much I enjoy New York. It's close to Paris (France, that is, to all you smarty pants out there), which is the #1 spot on my official list of favorite places.

First stop in NYC? Well, a bike shop, of course. The bike in the window was not an impressive fixie, nowhere close to being worth $495.00, the colors were just pretty. :-)

Next up was a (FREE) ferry ride to Staten Island. It was a clear, yet cold day. The views were incredible, though. I highly recommend it, to anyone planning to head to NYC. Take the 4 train until it ends, then to the east (I think) of Battery Park. You can't miss the signs for the Ferry!

Later, we headed to Chelsea for dinner at Suenos. It has one of the coolest bathrooms ever. EVER. The more Micheladas (highly recommend! it's beer, with tomato juice, lime juice, peppers and other spices) you have, the cooler the bathroom is. It's so cool, in fact, that I didn't take pictures of anything else...only the bathroom!

After a belly full of Latin Fusion, we headed to the Hungarian Coffee Shop. It's located on Amsterdam, close to the Cathedral subway stop. If this picture were "scratch & sniff," you'd be on the first plane to New York. Yeah, it was that delicious!

One morning, we went to the Botanical Gardens. Rain was in the forecast, but the morning was sunny and warmer, so we thought we'd take advantage. It's free to walk the grounds. Another thing I'd recommend if you want to make the trek to the Bronx.

To be continued...