Monday, March 28, 2011

Good Weekend, Can I Have a "Re-do," Please?

Although, my Saturday morning bike ride (and opportunity to try a new current one and I are not friends after about 40 miles) was rained out, the weekend was still one of the best.

Sunday, I had the opportunity to ride a saddle horse. I don't have much experience with saddle horses, but grew up riding gaited horses, so I felt okay about riding. Horseback riding is much like any other athletic sport. One is most effective when in shape for the sport and practicing regularly. Well, I'm neither. Sadly, I haven't ridden in years, which is what I was most concerned about. It was certainly evident that I was out of riding shape. My posture was awful and my skills weren't as sharp as they've been in the past. However, the ride went better than I expected. I can't express how amazing it felt to ride. All my horseback riding friends know what I mean, I'm sure!

After the ride, I was able to watch the Grizzlies/Spurs...courtside! I think everyone should have the opportunity to see an NBA game courtside. It's a completely different exprience than seeing it in the stands or even in the first set of risers.

Here's a view of Shane Battier being guarded by (whatshisname) Jefferson, from my seat.

What an exciting game. Grizz win!

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