Wednesday, July 6, 2011

If 30 is the New 20...

...then why is water skiing so hard, all of the sudden?? When I was 20, I could ski all day. Now? Not so much.

My family had their first ever family reunion, recently. During said reunion, we had a day at the lake. One of my brothers took his, new/used, sparkle-tastic boat for it's debut!!!

And he had skis! Lawd, was I excited. I love to ski! At least I used to. I couldn't wait to ski all over the lake. However, I experienced a problem. I kept falling. What the...

It took my brother and two of my cousins, to "show me up" before I was successful on skis. Even then, after a minute, I thought, "I'm already tired. When did this get to be so hard?" This getting older thing is no bueno. After water skiing, I asked my brother (who is now a practicing lawyer), if he could file a Motion, with the Court, against Father Time to make him stop, already.

Exhibit A: Brother "shows me up"

Exhibits B & C: Cousins "show me up"

After the wake up call at the lake, we went to "Live at the Gardens" at the Botanic Gardens. Each year, there are several outdoor concerts at Botanic Gardens...Tickets are reasonable and you can take chairs, food and drinks (of the alcoholic variety)! It's a win/win. Anyway, the Steve Miller Band was playing the night we went.

My brother and cousin, "Lil' Denise." My sister's "Big Denise," 'cuz she's older.

My cousin Marty (Lil Denise's hubby) and me before the show. Two Martys (well, a Martie & a Marty), one huge chair.

Steve Miller Band! I could not stop watching the guy to the right. You can't see his face because my phone takes terrible pictures, but he looked like a black Burt Reynolds. Oh, and his moves...he had so many moves!!

During the show, Steve Miller had several talented kids join him on stage. There were a few singers and a guitarist from Stax Music Acadamy and another guitarist from "Kids Rock," which is a free music school (in California, at the moment - I think). Kids Rock is free to kids who want music lessons, if their parents volunteer 8 hrs of time! What a great deal!! I wanna say that Steve Miller had something to do with starting the program. Anyway, all the kids were super talented! What a great time!


  1. I couldn't water ski when I was 20 or 30. Maybe I'll try again when I'm 40.

  2. Let me know how that goes. I'm hoping to become empancipated from Father Time, therefore, stopping the aging process. :-)