Friday, May 11, 2012

Ladies Night

Some time ago, Bikes Plus hosted a ladies night & the Giant (bikes, not people) rep was there.  I love ladies night.  Usually, there's alcohol and give-aways.  Two of my favorite things.  Add bikes and, waaa-waaa-weee-waah!

These two "ladies" crashed the party.  They were such fun.  However, the Giant rep did not have a good sense of humor about the whole thing.  Sad, really.  The Trek rep would have thought it was hilarious.  Just saying.

My friend won this door prize & since, she already had some good sport glasses, gave them to me.  I have such good friends.  Who doesn't need "Enthusiastic Eyewear?"  Sunglasses with a good attitude make such a difference.  


Later, in RB's Cyclery's, "Ride Into Spring," I won a coffee mug holder.  It was promptly installed on "Big Bertha."  I heart coffee...a lot.  Combine coffee & bikes and I'm a happy camper.  The only problem was that I filled the coffee mug too full, so coffee was splashing out of the mug with every bump.  Lesson learned.  Mustn't go overboard with the coffee.


  1. I feel like the coffee thing... you might need to rethink unless there are frequent reststops :) ... And wont that make you even hotter?? as you can tell I am not a biker!

  2. Ha! Valid point. Sometimes you just gotta make sacrifices for the love of coffee and bikes. :-P