Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Harpeth River Ride

This past weekend, some friends and I traveled to Nashville for the Harpeth River Ride.  It's sponsored by Nissan, so some to the Nissan/Trek pro's rode, too!  Chris Horner was one of the pro riders.  He.  Is.  Awesome.  I didn't get the chance to meet him, but talked to someone who saw him along the route.  Just as I suspected, he said that Chris Horner was as genuinely nice as he is during interviews and such.


The girls

Who's gonna chick Chris Horner?  Me!  Me!
 So, I did see Chris Horner and yes, he did get chicked (passed by a girl) by us.  He was standing with his teammates on the side of the road, but the details aren't really important.  What's important is that we "chicked" Chris Horner!

Let's get this party started!

PICKLES at the SAG stop...brilliant!

Still smiles at yet another stop.

And, still smiling after - although, I'm catching a quick nap.
It was such a good time.  It was a win/win; I got to ride my bike and visit with one of my best college friends who lives in Franklin, just outside of Nashville.  She and another friend of hers rode with us, as well.  The ride did have some hills, but they were NOTHING compared to 3 State 3 Mountain.  The route was absolutely beautiful.  There were wild flowers and gorgeous farms as far as we could see.  In true Memphis Hightailer fashion, we made new friends along the way, too.  This is a ride I would gladly participate in again.

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