Saturday, February 2, 2013

Holiday Recap

Shortly after moving, I met up with one of my college friends, and sorority sisters.  We had dinner in my, soon to be new 'hood, in my new city.  Although, it was 70 degrees, it was beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the waterfront.  Warm temperatures didn't stop the locals from "ice skating."  Really, it was less like ice and more like particle board.  And...the skating was less like skating and more like tip toeing on ice skates.  No matter.  It was a testament to creative thinking, but mostly, it was hilarious to witness.

One of my sisters from another mister and me in "Santa's village" or whatever it was.

NYE, my friends and I found ourselves at this really cool jazz club.  An old 80yrs a puffy starter jacket and sideways baseball cap was there and wouldn't let any girl dance alone.  He was a riot...wish I had a picture of him in action.  James Blount was there, too.  He took a break from entertaining us long enough for a picture.  I love the guy in the background who's trying to photo-bomb us.

OK...ok...his name was Matt (I think), but he looks like James Blount, no?

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