Friday, May 15, 2009

Eurosprint Preparation

So, I created this blog as a diary of my upcoming trip to Europe, which I've titled, Eurosprint. Three countries in nine days, plus two days for travelling from and back to the U.S. It will definitely be a sprint, if not a sort of Euromarathon. I don't intend to drop dead at the end of the trip, so I'm leaving marathon completely out of the picture.

The official countdown is at 9 days. Generous friends have loaned me their backpacks, money belts, leftover euros and pounds from their previous vacations so that I can have money for a train or sandwich or whatever...immediately when I step off of the plane, as well as a myriad of advise and suggestions. So far, I have my 1qt bag packed to the brim with 3oz bottles of liquids and gels; money belt; french dictionary, umbrella and I have a really good idea of the clothes that I will pack. My plan is to take the bare minimum...what I can fit into the backpack; nothing more. Clothes-wise, it's not proving to be a problem. Packing less than 4 pairs of shoes, that's a different story!

Stay tuned. More to come! Although, you'll have to wait until I return to see the pictures, I'm afraid. I'm taking my phone, since it takes better quality photos and videos than my digital camera. Go figure...anyway, loading pictures from my phone will cause me to incur international roaming fees. Um, no thanks.

Until next time,

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