Saturday, September 11, 2010

Well, Hello!

It seems I've been on a hiatus. Ok, I cancelled my home internet connection. I'm at "Charbucks" as we speak. All hail for free internet!! Now, if I could just stop with renting so many "on demand" movies (not the free variety, of course), maybe, just maybe, my cable bill won't be so scary.

For ages now, I've been wanting to really challenge myself, physically. Working out is a HUGE bore. Running is torture, but I do it because I love to eat. Anyway, after wondering if I could do it...and convincing myself I couldn't, I decided to prove myself wrong and participate in a triathlon! Trying to finish a 1/2 mile swim without drowning was my biggest fear. Shockingly, though, my body adjusted easiest to the swim training. Ok, so, I'm not a fast swimmer, but each day, the distance and time was easier than the last!

August 1st, I completed my challenge. It. Was. Awesome. I've definitely have the "bug" now! I think I, literally, swallowed it along the course. Oh, and on the run, it swarmed around my head for a good quarter of a mile.

It was a "dock" start. We all went into the water in 3 second intervals! No mad dash into the water.

Finishing the very hilly 23 mile bike part of the course.

Almost there...I can smell the bbq!

Overall, I was super slow, but steady. There were about 175 participants and the volunteers were wonderful. It was such a perfect introduction to triathlon racing. I'm looking very forward to next year's season. Watch. Out.

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