Monday, September 13, 2010

The Climb to my Birthday!

As you know, a lot has happened in the past few months. The most important thing that happened is...ready for it? MY BIRTHDAY! Martie, what ever did you do for your birthday, you might ask. Well, let me show you. :-)

Learning all about rock climbing gear!

Just a hilarious shot! SNL (aka, Sarah) using Tom to balance as she puts on her rock climbing shoes. By the way, rock climbing shoes are the most uncomfortable shoes I've ever put on my feet. And they're not cute either. I'll put up with throbbing foot pain for the sake of fashion, but this went against everything I believe in. Yes, I wanted to go rock climbing THAT much!

Finally getting to climb. Gosh, the harness is just as flattering as the shoes are!

SNL and Tom give it a go. Tom took off like a rocket. So unfair!

SNL on the descent.

Dave, showing he can be like a spider and make it to the top, too!

The experience was a great one. Our instructor sprinkled the lessons with real life climbing stories. Some did not end well, as to "drive the point home" about the importance of reliable gear and pre-climb checks. I'm so glad that Outdoors, Inc. has rock climbing classes. After completing the class, people can use the rock climbing wall on their own. After all the stories, I think I'm going to stick to indoor walls with kooshy mats to break any falls. :-) I think using the wall at Outdoors (in Cordova) is something like $5.00 an hour. Not much to pay for some fun and challenging exercise.

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