Monday, October 18, 2010

The Month of All Things Pink

Since, this month is breast cancer awareness month, Susan G. Komen's signature pink has found its way into so many consumer products. The foundation's pink ribbons have expanded to pink shirts, caps, back packs, and even store grocery bags. It's absolutely amazing how much support the foundation, as well as, the entire month of October, receives.

On my last grocery shopping trip, here's how I was greeted at the check out line (ok, I acknowledge that it's not the best quality, but I was trying not to delay the line too much. cut me some slack):

How can this not make you smile? How? This lady made my day! After a long, stressful day, this lady (inadvertently) reminded me that life shouldn't be taken too seriously.

I hope that, sooner rather than later, there is a cure for this awful disease. In the meantime, keep showing your fun style, Memphis!

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