Thursday, October 21, 2010

Worst...or Best (?) Pick-up Line

This happened a few months ago, but the incident popped into my head and gave me a laugh, so I thought I'd share.

I went to establish a memebership at a local college's recreation center. Since, I am an alumni, I receive a huge discount and the facility is extremely nice. I just wanted a place where I could swim through the winter. When I went to the recreation services office, I made it just before closing. The lady, who I spoke with several times on the phone, had already left for the day. The director of the department, who was a man, was there instead. Immediately, he told me that I looked familiar and asked if we had met before. I politely told him, "no," but offered some ways, in which we might have seen each other around town. Did he cycle? No. Did he run? Yes. Well, that might be that time, all I did was run, bike and swim, in preparation for my triathlon. He said that he did triathlons. Well, his mouth said that, his body said the only triathlons that he did was eat, drink and run to the bathroom when he had too much Mexican food. But, I digress.

We moved on to my membership. He told me that if I was an alumni, I received a year free! The lady on the phone told me one month free for being an alumni, as well, as a monthly discount. I was estatic! Being a girl has its advantages sometimes. Then he went back to, "you look so familiar." Ok, I thought we'd covered this. But the man just gave me a year free membership, so again, I'm trying to help him out. I have a large family, maybe you know one of my siblings? People say we look alike. Did you go to U of M? No, turns out he *just* moved to Memphis two weeks ago from NYC. Two weeks?? Why was I wasting my time trying to help him figure out how he knew me?

After he told me that he'd only been in town for two weeks, again he started with the looking familiar crap. THEN, he said, "are you on any internet dating sites?" Uh-huh, now, the truth comes out. Lame. Negatory on that one, "Mr. You Look Familiar."

So, if I were on internet dating sites and said "yes," wouldn't it have been the perfect "in" for him to ask for a date? What do you think? Anyone have some horrible pick up lines thrown their way?


  1. I've known you since I was seven, whatever, can I take you out to dinner on dec 13 two days after I get back from tour? There is that better, oh and you can invite friends, I'll buy their dinner as well, just need forum for which to gift you your x-mas gift.......guys are stupid......but seriously ........x-mas presents........p.s. It's a about time you got your own strong independent woman blog
    spot!!!! I'm proud of you awesome woman lady!!!!!!
    John .

  2. Are you bringing Lance's bike, from Mellow Johnny's, for me? He and I are about the same height. Hope you're having fun on tour!

    P.S. You need a blog of all your cycling (etc...) while you've been on tour.