Monday, September 12, 2011

NOLA, Part Deux

The second morning, I woke up way too early (because I absolutely cannot sleep late. Nap, yes...sleep past 8am, nope). After breakfast, I took a walk around the neighborhood. I passed under an expressway and noticed this:

I loved the colorfully decorated columns and the use of the space as additional parking. It's doubtful that I would park under an expressway (mostly because I am super protective of my body and belongings), but love the idea.

Then, we took a stroll down Bourbon Street to meet up with friends. It's actually quite clean in the daytime.

After cafe & beignets at Cafe Du Monde, we walked to Hotel Monteleone for a cocktail at the famous carousel bar!

Then, we headed out for an airboat swamp tour. I was a bit petrified - I don't like being reminded that I am, in fact, not the top of the food chain. Therefore, I don't venture too far into oceans and/or swamps. However, I'm a team player! There were alligators on display at the tour lodge:

And in the swamp:

Did you know that spanish moss used to be used for medical stitches? It's true. If you peel back the fuzzy outside, there's a black string like lining. When it's exposed to air, it becomes difficult to break. However, with the fuzzy outer liner intact, a string of spanish moss easily crumbles. Wild!

We headed to Commander's Palace for dinner. It was wonderful. I had turtle soup for the first time. It kinda weirded me out, but was good. I had fish for the main course - meh, can't remember exactly what it was, but it was good. Then...creme brulee for dessert. YUM! It's extremely difficult for me to pass up creme bru-la-la. Others had delicious looking desserts, but come on...take a gander at that:

Hitching a ride on a streetcar. This one's name was not desire...desire was headed in the other direction.

The famous, Hotel Cirque:

After dinner, we made our way back to Frenchman's Street (it was the best, if you haven't gathered that already). Everywhere we went closed, shortly after our arrival. We ended the night at the Blue Nile. It was a huge venue. The band who played that night, was jazzy with a bit of hip hop funk, sprinkled in. Brilliant! I was super sweaty from jumping around, shaking my money maker!

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