Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dreams Really Do Come True

This is what I woke up to this morning. Brady cat is anxious about the game today, so was doing some pre-gaming online. She's so annoying. I told her that super-fans make me vomit. She responded with a cutting remark about how my losing a few pounds wouldn't kill me.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine asked if I'd heard the news about the company for which I work. I did a quick search online and found a New York Times article about my company being sold to a competitor. CRAP! It immediately reminded me of a dream I had. I was walking along and found some pennies on the ground. I was so excited to find the pennies. Probably an indication that I should get out more. I told my friend this dream and said that perhaps it was a premonition...soon, I'd be scrounging for change? He said that there had to be a better way of interpreting that dream. I replied, "well, I don't recall thinking, 'if only I could find 500 more of these, I can buy a sandwich and eat today!' So, at least I wasn't hungry."

Fast forward a few weeks. I'm walking home from having lunch with a friend and find this:

Now, if the Patriots win today, I'll know, with 100% certainty, that I have a gift. My next dream will be to win the lottery.

So, I'll leave you with this lesson: if you can dream it, it can happen!

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