Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do (One Handed)

So, there!

Last week, I had another follow-up. After my routine cast removal & xrays, my surgeon walked by and asked (jovially), "are you all healed?" Of course, I said, "YES!" Here's hoping, at least. Later, he pulled me aside and said, the bone is coming along. It still needs some more time. You know yourself and your activity can either get another hard cast or a removable cast. The removable cast offers less support so you have to be REALLY careful! Like a little kid, I said, "I swear, I'll be good! Removable cast, please!" I was told, no gripping and no applying pressure to my wrist. So, no outdoor bike rides and I can either sit straight up (no hands on the handle bars) or use the aerobars on stationary bikes. He stressed "stationary" bike. I know, I know. I miss my bikes, but I want my surgery to be a success. I'm paying for it, after all!

After 6+ weeks, here's what my arm looks like. I'm really pleased with how the incision looks. Dr. Cannon at Campbell Clinic did an amazing job!

My wrist is still a little swollen and a lot tender. Also, I have gnarly dark hair growing everywhere. Do not like. I'm sure once exposed to the sun, it'll thin out and not like!

Here's the removable cast.

If I pull the circular thing up, it releases the tension on the wires, so I can remove my hand. In order to tighten the tension, I just push down to lock the circular thing and twist the button until the desired tension is reached. It's pretty nifty.

It's removable! I can remove the cast in the shower. No more gnarly skin & no more wrapping my cast within an inch of its life.
I have more wardrobe options!
I can loosen and tighten as need be - my fingers no longer go numb when I exercise.
It's hand washable. I can't really hand wash at the moment, but I can see who really loves me and will do it for me!

It's not comfortable. Where my humerus ties into my wrist, it rubs. It even wakes me in the middle of the night.
It allows more action and movement with my thumb and wrist. I can unintentionally move wrong and cause immense pain.
The material holds in odor and sweat. It often feels kinda sticky against my skin. I have to take it off and hold it in front of a fan to dry out.
After day 2, I started getting rashy looking skin. It was red and inflamed. Now I apply aloe on my arm, wait for it to dry completely and put the cast back on.

If I had to do it again, I'd probably get another hard cast. Believe it or not, the hard cast was much more comfortable. Showering was a pain, but I was getting used to it...

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