Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Howdy Stranger

Ok, so, I know I've been on hiatus lately. So much has on the fritz and went on a vacation to the Dominican Republic! It's only been a month ago, but it feels like ages since I went on vacation. Is that an indication that I need another vacation, pronto? If only my budget would allow!

Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic is amazing. Really. Amazing. The country's quite poor, but the people seem quite educated. At least the people that I communicated with; although, my view might be somewhat skewed, since I really only saw the airport and resort.

The airport was mostly open and had a hatched roof! I began to worry when they made everyone pay $10.00 just to enter the country. Then I really started to worry when I realized that my taxi driver was, in fact, not afraid to die. Thankfully, I survived the taxi ride to the resort...because the resort was pure heaven!

Snack bar to the left and beach straight ahead. I could really get used to this...

Fresh coconut milk? Why yes, I'll give it a go!

Winding down at the bar!

At the casino with our Spanish friends. This casino was where "fun went to die." Somehow, we still managed to smile, though.

The water was cold and the sun was hot. Quite possibly the best pool...ever.

It was a beautiful day at the beach!

Normally, I go for the "rush-rush" vacation. Live like the locals, see everything there is to see in a limited amount of time. By the time it's over, getting back to reality is almost a welcomed relief. As they say, needing a vacation after the vacation. So this relaxing, resort beach vacation was very out of the norm for me. As you can see, I managed a good time. I can't wait to go back! Who's with me?!

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