Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Don't Cry, You Look Fat When You Cry

Recently, comedy central had their annual "Stand-up Showdown" special. They feature 20 comedians. Some are people who've been around, others are relative newbies that I've never heard before. So, naturally, I stayed glued to the t.v. during the showdown. I heart my comedy. Seriously. Each year, I discover new comedians who I adore. This year was no different. There were some hilarious fresh-ish faces. What's that? Oh...don't worry, I'll feed you, baby birds.

Introducing....Pete Lee! Yeah, even he knows his name is awful:

Iliza Shlesinger:

My future husband, Ryan Stout:

And my other future husband, Bret Ernst:

Eliot Chang (just a sidenote, I think I sat next to that guy at the Eddie Izzard show):

These people weren't on Stand-up Showdown, but are funny, nonetheless!

Another future husband, Danny Bhoy:

And, you may remember her from the target commercials...Maria Bamford (aka, the Bamfoo):

There are so many more...perhaps this post will be're welcome cyberspace!

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