Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tiger Lane Crit

Tonight, I attended the last of the Tiger Lane Crit series. The races were arranged/sponsored by a local team, Red Ant Racing.

This was my first attempt at capturing the cat 1's & 2's. I thought about saying it was really an artistic picture of the Liberty Bowl - but I can't lie to you. :-) I actually do like the picture - the lone little girl over there looks so small against the massive liberty bowl. She also looks very comfortable & content watching the race all by herself.

At the front of the pack is the "trek guy" from Covington. The last race, he blew everyone away. As he passed the crowd, all alone, he started celebrating. My reaction was, "what's his deal?" There was no other rider in sight. One of my friends responded, "he just won the 1's & 2's." He'd almost lapped everyone! That kid is bad to the bone, but he didn't blow anyone away this time...probably because he was pulling them along the whole time. That can wear anyone out, even that guy.

Here are the two guys that broke away and pretty much stayed away from the pack towards the end of the ride. I don't know which one won the race, but they were so far ahead. Can you see the main group behind them??

All the guys that raced last night were supa' fast! Funny thing, someone asked me if I rode last night, and I said, "in the race?" They said, "yes," with all seriousness. There's no way I could even keep up with the cat 5's (slowest category of the super fast) for 30 minutes - maybe 30 seconds, if I'm really lucky. It was a huge compliment, though, to even think that I was nearly fast enough to race a crit!

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