Friday, December 10, 2010

It Truly Is All Greek To Me

Over the summer, I discovered Greek yogurt. I've seen it in grocery stores for years, but finally gave it a try and fell in love, almost instantly. This is the first brand that I tried:

It's thick, creamy and has a smooth taste. I buy the plan stuff and add my own flavoring. Usually, it's honey if I add anything at all. I really don't like the flavoring or jam type stuff that they add into the yogurt. My need to control what goes into my body, at its best...anyway, I can no longer find Fage at the stores closest to my house. Those of you who know me well, know that I have a severe reaction when I leave my zip code, within the City. I start sweating, my heart starts pounding, and I feel like I may pass out. Not to mention the irrational fear I have of soccer moms and the like, which complicates the "don't wanna leave my zip code," thing. It's like I'm afraid it's contagious and if I spend too much time in the vicinity of soccer moms, I will wake up one day and find that I am one. Oh good grief, I'm getting light headed just thinking about it...

To make a short story long, I've tried other brands of Greek Yogurt: Oikos, Dannon, and Cabot. All of those are extremely bitter tasting to me. I was actually surprised that Cabot wasn't "like butta," because their cheese is so delicious. Of the three, I'd eat Dannon's Greek yogurt, if I had too.

Anyone else a lover of Greek style yogurt? What are your favorites?

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