Monday, December 6, 2010

What A Weekend That Was

'Tis the season to bring the busy, I suppose. But that's ok. All in all, this weekend was great fun. It began with the St. Jude Marathon. Nah, I didn't knees are still really angry about the two half marathons that I ran last month. I did, however, meet one of my dearest friends at mile marker 22 to help her finish the marathon. Still smiles after 26.2! Amazing. I was ready to be finished after just 4 miles.

Later on, I met some friends at the new bar downtown, "Bar None." It's located where Circa used to be. Don't get me started about how upset I am that Circa moved to East Memphis. It was my absolute favorite. I. Am. Seriously. Hurt. Anyway, Bar None's set up is quite unique. There are couches, bistro tables, but mostly rectangular, copper topped, bar style tables. Since, this weekend was a "soft opening," they were not serving food from the menu, but had menu's available so that we could see the fare. Also, they had a room where they offered some of the food, buffet style. Free! :-) They had loaded potato skins, chips and cheese dip and all types of sliders. I tried the crab cake slider. Yum. The menu had a creative mixed-drink selection, as well as, a decent selection of what I would consider, upscale bar food.

Then it was off to see one of my favorite local acts, John Paul Keith and the 1, 4, 5's. If you haven't seen this band, you are truly missing out. It's rockabilly at its finest.

There was an odd mix at the show. This was happening:

Then, a guy asked me to dance, so I assaulted his feet for a while. Well, it's his own fault. I'm not well versed in country swing. Is that even a dance style? In my defense, I did warn him. Regardless, it was still fun to dance. Probably not so much from his perspective, though. C'est la vie. Nothing could keep me from having a good time. I even got to see my old pal, Anna and her fiance, Kevin.

Happy Busy Season to you all!

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