Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Answers for the Patient

Once again, Miracle Miaya, guessed correctly. The thrifty item was the black & white skirt.

Evie Black Tank Sweater - $12.99 K&G
Max Studio Black & White Skirt - $1.98 Thrift Store
Target Black Leggings - $14.99 Target (obviously)
Bandolino Shoes - $24.99 (TJ Maxx)
White Scarf - $7.99 (China Town of Memphis)

Outfit Total: $62.94

Extras: The bike is "Big Bertha" a circa 1995, steel framed (a million pound) Diamond Back
The trunk back (on the back of the bike) was from the Clymb - I think I paid $25.00! You can sign up for the Clymb, on my page, to the right.
Sling Back - Patagonia. If I have to wear a bag when cycling, this is my favorite. It has a belly strap to avoid slippage, but it rarely slips, anyway.

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