Thursday, November 3, 2011

San Francisco

Recently, I ventured to California for the NORCAL warrior dash. One of my college sorority sisters met me in San Francisco. Neither of us had ever been to that area before, so it was a great excuse to meet up. Since, I loooovvvee freaks and heard San Francisco was the freakiest, funkiest place, I was really excited. Perhaps to my own detriment. Ahh, the curse of great expectations.

One HUGE positive...I saw countless people riding bikes. 99% of the guys riding bikes were quite good looking. I was very tempted to knock a few off their bikes, solely to meet them. "Oh, I'm sooo sorry, are you ok? Let me buy you a drink to make it up to you." Shameless, yes. And, the chances were very high that they would not be into me, since I have two 'x' chromosomes.

An old friend lives in SF, now. He met us and showed us some of his favorite night spots. One of which had a photo booth. Always a good idea. Always.

The next day, we walked to China Town. Here I'm taking a photo of the entry way...and also, of a cutie patootie taking my picture. I mean, I was the only thing to see on the side of the street where I was standing. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

We did pass Lombard Street. We could see the steepness and crookedness in the distance, but alas, my phone camera's zoom was not adequate to capture it in the distance.

We then made our way to Fisherman's Wharf, where we took a ferry to Alcatraz (by far, the highlight of my trip)!

Here's where everyone showered (the inmates, of course, not us). Yikes!

They locked me up and threatened to throw away the key! Just a side note, it's hard to really show a scowl with the sun blinding you. This was along the C-D Block, where the bad of the bad were housed. It was on the west side of the island, along a wall of windows (hence the sun). They said that there was (is?) a yacht club on the other side of the bay. Each NYE, the club would have a blow out party. If the wind blew just right, the inmates could hear conversations and laughter from across the bay. Can you imagine?

Here's the view of my finger and San Francisco from outside the Administration Building.

There's an amazing view from the area where inmates would go outside. Of course, this was past a solid steel door I'm sure they were never allowed to pass through.

This was in the most dangerous part of the prison...the dining hall. There were ledges where inmates picked up their trays of food. I saw "Capone" etched on one. I'm sure it was etched there after he was long gone (they say that when he was there, his brain was pretty much gone from syphilis), but I'd like to think that he, himself made the etching.

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