Friday, November 4, 2011

Is That Music I Hear?

Two posts in 24 hours? Yeah, pinch yourself, smack yo' mamma, whatever you have to do, 'cuz this is happening.

During a super fast errand (because I was at work, it's chilly, & I can't bring myself to wear a jacket, yet...evidently), I heard music. Of course, like all the kids in the Pied Piper of Hamlin story, I too, have to follow the music. Also, I'm subject to follow brightly colored, sparkly things, as well. Oh, how good I am at digression.

Back on point.


I discovered the source of the music. The Mobile Music Machine. It's hauled by a bike and the wheels of the trailer are the front wheels of, what appears to be, mountain bikes:

How cool is that? Speaking of cool, this was parked close by:

That is a skateboard on the back. Yes, this bike has it all...even fuzzy dice.

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