Friday, November 18, 2011


A few weeks ago the Cycledelic Girl Gang had their inaugural ride. Several girls couldn't make it, but those of us who did, had a great time. The morning of the ride was chilly and foggy, but we didn't let it bring us down.

In true Cycledelic fashion, we had to start with a *fist pump! And, I'm showing off my cool, new SpokeID. It's like roadid, except cooler, 'cuz it's made from a spoke...and, the lettering is engraved, not just stamped on (so that it can eventually rub off).

We're about to balance on two wheels, but balancing on one leg proved to be quite difficult. This was something like our 3rd take.

Once we started rolling, the fog started to lift. The roads were relatively quiet & serene, with the exception of this big 'ole jerk, who tried to run us off the road.

We stopped at the General Store (it's a must if you're cycling around Shelby Forest...or, even if you're not) for some grub and more photos!

They even had music for us.

After lunch, we went into the park for a little hiking and to work off all of the food we had just inhaled. It was such fun, but it was difficult to ride home after lunch and a hike. I just wanted to curl up in the sun and take a nap!

I'll leave you with my latest, "this is why I'm single" picture. I was going for "Goober," (was that his name) from "The Andy Griffith Show."

*Most of these pictures were stolen from Cat, but I told her I was going to steal them, so, it's cool.

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