Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Three Things - Answered

So sorry to have kept you waiting, my pretties! The thrifty three items were: black turtle neck, white shoes and the black bag. Did you recognize the turtle neck and shoes from previous posts??

Here's how the whole outfit stacked up:

Gap black turtle neck - $3.99
Merona beige short sleeved sweater - $10.00 (it was on clearance!)
Banana Republic beige pants - $29.99
White wing tipped shoes - $3.98
Black Dooney & Bourke bag - $20.00 (yep...$20.00!!)

Grand Total: $67.96!

As evidenced by my infrequent, "Thrifty Thursdays," I love re-discovering clothes and bags at thrift/second hand stores. When I find a stylish piece or fun, sharp bag that still has plenty of life left, I have such a feeling of accomplishment. It's like I've been playing a game and I just smoked my competition. What's your favorite way to find great deals?


  1. Hey marti I love that bag (whole outfit too) but tat bag is great! I can't believe you got it for $20

  2. Thanks! I'm still shocked about the bag, too. I think I've already gotten my money's worth! The 2nd hand shop, where I bought it, I dangerously close. Only about 200yds away from my house. Sooooo dangerous.